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Be a Positive Attitude of LIFE

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by LAW Chun Shuen


My concept of artwork is not an installation but is an artwork made up with many photos. I would like to show my attitude of LIFE to people through my artwork and have a deep thinking for them.

In 21 century, it seems that people have a stable life. People can enjoy many benefits such as advance technology and social welfare. However, the desire of human is unlimited. It is not satisfied in everyone. Similarly, it is not have a positive attitude of the life in everyone. Many cases of suicide are the supporting cue.

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The varied reality

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by CHENG Kin Wai (Will)

''The varied reality''

Conception of an artwork
The artwork I would like to create is a experimental art. As we all know, experimental arts can provide a special experience to viewers through enjoying the artwork from different way. Therefore, I would like to let viewers to see a different world from my artwork.
The concept of this artwork is really simple. One thing we have no doubt at all time is that everything we see from our eyes is real, and we suppose the view we see is absolutely true. However, I think this thought may only apply to human being because any organism do have his own individual vision system. Therefore, what view whatever see is depending on what type of organism you are. There is no consistence of the real view from different eyes. For example, a dog only can see a mono world. A rhinoceros only can see a blurred world. So why don’t we try to see a different world from another way?
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MAZE - Getting Lost in City

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by Mak Chau Ha

MAZE by Mak Chau Ha

Surrounding by hundreds of tall buildings and skyscraper, and living with 7,000,000 of people, I sometime strongly feel a sense of lost when I travel arround my hometown, Hong Kong. For Cantonese living in Hong Kong, we eat similiar kinds of food; breath from the same atmosphere; have similar cultures and backgrounds, I still cannot feel we are in a unit. There is dissociation. In another words, I feel I am trapped in a MAZE.

To figure out what is going on, I started to do observation in streets and roads by taking photos. I totally took hundreds of photos; the images are so familiar but with a separation which cannot be put into words. I discovered that I am not as ‘understand’ Hong Kong as I imagined. I try to organize my flashback by choosing photos and do collage works.

Th image above is one of the work created by using photos I took in HKCEC. As I feel I am small and being trapped, I decide to arrange the photos in fish eye view. The window frames and the dark center also form an eye-like image which give more meaning to this work. Besides, I purposely keep the blurs of objects that are outside the window. The paths are unclear and the buildings are like mirages. They represent my uncertainty and confuse towards my hometown. The dizzy feeling created is just like getting lost in city.

Random Music – Create music with your hand!

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by MAN Ka Mei


Generally, people create music by musical instruments, such as piano, violin or guitar. Those musical instruments need to control by hand. However, to control the musical instruments, people need to have required knowledge beforehand.

However, there are many people who love music and want to create music, but they don’t know any of the musical instruments. Therefore, I would like to create a work that can be play by everybody and they need not to have any musical knowledge in playing it. People can create their own musical pieces through the work.

My concept is using motion capture, power capture and temperature capture at the same time. The set-up of this work is simple – basically a screen for capturing, a screen for display image and two speakers are required.
When player put their hand on the capture screen, the computer will capture the motion, power and temperature of the hand. After that, the computer will generate sound according to the captured data. The motion represents how long the sound would be (the longer of the distance people drag their hand on the screen, the longer the sound would be); the power represents the volume of the sound (higher power, higher volume); while the temperature represents the pitch (higher temperature, higher pitch). The sound wave of the generated music will also be display on the other screen.

The concept of this work is “music by random”. Because temperature of the hand is something that cannot be easily control, I want people not to too care about the principal of music and just enjoy the sound of music being created in random.

This work can allow multiple users to play. It just like people are using their hands as musical instruments to perform together. And after they finish playing the work, the computer will automatic generate the sound into digital file, and there will be a QR code appear on the screen. People can download the sound file by the QR code.

I hope to use this work to let everybody enjoy the creation of music. I think music is not necessary something being confined by boundary, sometime something creates by accident can also be a piece of music.

Crime form Flesh

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by Chu Sin Wan

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Life or flesh? Eating is original desire of human being. The original usage of eating is an action of people to absorb nutrient. The evolution of the usage of eating is to fulfill the desire of human being. Human being will pursue to fulfill and the demand will become harsh and harsh. They pursue the unique, precious food to emblem the wealth and class. Then what is the meaning of eat? Is it the action for people to fulfill their desire or the regular action for people to reserve the nutrient to maintain their life?
What is food? Food is a product after slaughtering. Plant and Animal are also the life.
Flesh is the mineral before cooking. People see the flesh is food and eat them without thinking. Before becoming the flesh, they are all the life – LIFE IN THE WORLD. After slaughtering, the life becomes food with no soul. Getting the life to maintain their life maybe the crime of the people need to bear.
Food provides the nutrient. Life provides the nutrient. People should get the life to maintain their life. People should have the respect the life to give them enough nutrients to maintain their life.

This artwork is going to recall the memory, imagination and respect of life. In the exhibition place, there are 6 containers to contain food. 3 of them will contain the food which is made by meat and the other 3 will contain the food which is made by vegetable. The increase amount of the food will in these 2 types of containers. Putrescence of the food will present in the containers and distribute the stink smell. Each container will have a box to contain and have a hole for people to smell. There is the boarder on the hole. The smell will enhance with the increasing of the amount of the food. The stink smell presenting the crime of the human being. The stink will recall the memory of slaughtering and respecting the food during eating.
The whole exhibition booth will in a small room in red and make the tension of the emotion.

RECORDING / web art & video documentation

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by HUI Wang Chuen


Nowadays, the development of technology becomes extremely high and we all cannot understand what the end of technology advancement is. Therefore, the thing I want to explore is the situation of people using technology but not how many people use technology. From this, I have got a idea from a responding activity to a video “Andy Warhol eating a hamburger” by some Internet users, immediately, the scene inspires me that we can still use computer and video camera in a such way. Therefore, I decide to use video documentation to record each person’s action on using technology which have media tools, including desktop computer, notebook, smartphone, etc.
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煩惱詩 bundles of trouble

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by Wong Fong Yi

No Title – Yellow (2011), Wu Gaozhong. Mixed media.


Chinese describe our hairs as “煩惱絲”, which means “bundles of trouble” in English. And “絲” is pronounced as “詩”, which means “poem”. This poem is about troubles of life and expressed with hairs, thus it is named as “煩惱詩”.

It is inevitable that we encounter many troubles during our life. If the amount of trouble is measurable with hair as the parameter, we can use the different dimensions of hairs to express our happiness and sadness.
Generally, we gain happiness easier in our childhood. As we are growing up, we encounter more and more difficulties and these may depress us. However, we will learn lessons from our experience and become wittier. When we become old, we can treat the problems with generous and open attitude.
As time goes on, our hair will change. It seems that the length, thickness, amount, color, texture and even structure (straightness and curliness) of our hair change with our mental state.
To write a poem with hair, we can express many things about life.
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Deadline Watch

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by LEE Yan Yi


Everyone has potential to be a deadline-fighter; especially the students nowadays, they have lots of assignments and exercise to deal with. However, most of them always start their works on the last minute, the variety of reasons will be used when they cannot hand in on time, such as “I forgot to do it.”, most of them will be disqualified and some are lucky will not. The Deadline watch is useful as a reminder.

The watch will to change its colour as the deadline becomes closer in order to attract the owner’s attention. There are total 3 colours can be appeared in the watch, blue means you still have so much time to finish your work, while yellow and red mean you should start to do some parts of the assignment and you have to rush on this project. Apart from the colour , the countdown of the days will appear in the screen as well in order to remind you the deadline.
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Incomplete Earth

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by KWOK Yuk Tung

Paper Earth

This is a work made by huge piles of paper, the paper (small objects) will be combined together to form a big earth (large object). And at the end, I will break the whole earth to create crack on some of the national maps.

The shape of the earth is sphere and the earth is formed by huge piles of paper. Each small piece of paper is actually the national map. So the amount of paper pieces is really large. For different nationals, different national maps will represent her country. For the country which is larger, larger piece and more paper will be used and the color of puzzle is also different to different country. That means the segment of nationals is the national map and the size of paper. There are almost 200 countries in this world. So 200 national maps will appear in my art work.
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LoSiNg SeA

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by SHEK Chun Hong


The installation will have three parts : the building, the island, the sea.
The buildings will be formed by gold coins and which is building shape .
The coins will be piled one by one to form a tall coin column which used to represent building.
Using coin to represent building mean there are occupied by the rich,and there are no any space for the poor.
Plastic used to form a base of the island and use faked grasses to cover the surface to make an island.
On the island where will have some poor houses which have been blocked by the coins, so that they can’t have any view they can see.
I will use the real water to represent the sea .but we need to use plastic to circle the area.
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