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Cure Forest

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by CHUNG Hiu Man

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Please recall your memories of the current situation about the rainforest all over the world. We know that they are facing damaged problem. Why people need plenty of wood or plants? For a reason is that people make use of plants for air purification and improve our health.
In many cases, people prefer living in forest or villages because of fresh air and comfortable view. However, not many people have chances to do so because their work.
For this reason, why don’t we just create a man-made forest on wall?
My artwork isa installation which I call it “cures forest”.

First, the material I choose is microcapsules coated with the temperature-sensitive leuco dye and pigment which is binding chromogenic agent (acids) and the decolorizer (alcohols). Chromogenic agent and the decolorizercan prevent the binding between temperature-sensitive leuco dye and the color developing agent in general temperature.This dye would be smeared on wall paper.
At a high temperature, the coloring agent is dissolved in alcohol, temperature-sensitiveleuco dye and the color developing agent will bind together.
For example, during general temperature(15°C—-25°C),the wall keeps white. When the temperature increases, some flowers, leaves and branches patterns in color will appear. During different temperature ranges, patterns will appear different color correspondingly. For example, emerald and dark brown will appear during 7—13°C, malachite , red and pink will appear during 26—31°C, golden red and dark green will appear during 31—35°C. That means in different seasons, we can see patterns with different color on the wall.

Second, I try to make some sound which we can hear in a forest, like birds, insects.
When they get close and touch the wall, kinects surround the wall can detect people’s movement then signal is sent to the computer. Finally, sound will display at the same time.

Third, people can wear an exothermic glove. Even though in general temperature, this exothermic glove can affect the displaying of patterns. When people touch the wall, the area they touch will show color. When people get far away the wall, color in this area will disappear gradually.

1. Nature, is an ideal environment for patients to improve their condition. Mostly, it is useful to make them relax, comfortable and even increase their hope for living. If patients living in such a green environment, they would get better soon.
2. This installation is also for employees who are under stress. This installation can help them to release pressure.
3. I want to install a concept, forest can disappear easily and quickly, just like what happen when people touch or leave the wall. Human can generate a forest, but also can damage a forest, woods and habitats of creature.

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