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MAZE - Getting Lost in City

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by Mak Chau Ha

MAZE by Mak Chau Ha

Surrounding by hundreds of tall buildings and skyscraper, and living with 7,000,000 of people, I sometime strongly feel a sense of lost when I travel arround my hometown, Hong Kong. For Cantonese living in Hong Kong, we eat similiar kinds of food; breath from the same atmosphere; have similar cultures and backgrounds, I still cannot feel we are in a unit. There is dissociation. In another words, I feel I am trapped in a MAZE.

To figure out what is going on, I started to do observation in streets and roads by taking photos. I totally took hundreds of photos; the images are so familiar but with a separation which cannot be put into words. I discovered that I am not as ‘understand’ Hong Kong as I imagined. I try to organize my flashback by choosing photos and do collage works.

Th image above is one of the work created by using photos I took in HKCEC. As I feel I am small and being trapped, I decide to arrange the photos in fish eye view. The window frames and the dark center also form an eye-like image which give more meaning to this work. Besides, I purposely keep the blurs of objects that are outside the window. The paths are unclear and the buildings are like mirages. They represent my uncertainty and confuse towards my hometown. The dizzy feeling created is just like getting lost in city.

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