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by HUI Wang Chuen


Nowadays, the development of technology becomes extremely high and we all cannot understand what the end of technology advancement is. Therefore, the thing I want to explore is the situation of people using technology but not how many people use technology. From this, I have got a idea from a responding activity to a video “Andy Warhol eating a hamburger” by some Internet users, immediately, the scene inspires me that we can still use computer and video camera in a such way. Therefore, I decide to use video documentation to record each person’s action on using technology which have media tools, including desktop computer, notebook, smartphone, etc.


In this project, the participant needs to record his / her situation of using technology by video camera and in the same, the participant need to watch the video that were uploaded to the Internet before by the previous participant, by using the technology which can play video. This is a continuous project and this artwork could never get the final version of content as if there are still some people using technology, the recording will continue. If this project can last for several and several years, we may feel quite stunning because of the number of individual recordings, but also the diversity of technology.

We can imagine that from every person’s monitors, we could never get the final image and the video recording act like a non-ended tunnel, we may go through it to explore the condition of using technology but not the actual number of people using technology. If the project is work, the audience may know how message can be delivered from the artwork.

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