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Crime form Flesh

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by Chu Sin Wan

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Life or flesh? Eating is original desire of human being. The original usage of eating is an action of people to absorb nutrient. The evolution of the usage of eating is to fulfill the desire of human being. Human being will pursue to fulfill and the demand will become harsh and harsh. They pursue the unique, precious food to emblem the wealth and class. Then what is the meaning of eat? Is it the action for people to fulfill their desire or the regular action for people to reserve the nutrient to maintain their life?
What is food? Food is a product after slaughtering. Plant and Animal are also the life.
Flesh is the mineral before cooking. People see the flesh is food and eat them without thinking. Before becoming the flesh, they are all the life – LIFE IN THE WORLD. After slaughtering, the life becomes food with no soul. Getting the life to maintain their life maybe the crime of the people need to bear.
Food provides the nutrient. Life provides the nutrient. People should get the life to maintain their life. People should have the respect the life to give them enough nutrients to maintain their life.

This artwork is going to recall the memory, imagination and respect of life. In the exhibition place, there are 6 containers to contain food. 3 of them will contain the food which is made by meat and the other 3 will contain the food which is made by vegetable. The increase amount of the food will in these 2 types of containers. Putrescence of the food will present in the containers and distribute the stink smell. Each container will have a box to contain and have a hole for people to smell. There is the boarder on the hole. The smell will enhance with the increasing of the amount of the food. The stink smell presenting the crime of the human being. The stink will recall the memory of slaughtering and respecting the food during eating.
The whole exhibition booth will in a small room in red and make the tension of the emotion.

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