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The varied reality

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by CHENG Kin Wai (Will)

''The varied reality''

Conception of an artwork
The artwork I would like to create is a experimental art. As we all know, experimental arts can provide a special experience to viewers through enjoying the artwork from different way. Therefore, I would like to let viewers to see a different world from my artwork.
The concept of this artwork is really simple. One thing we have no doubt at all time is that everything we see from our eyes is real, and we suppose the view we see is absolutely true. However, I think this thought may only apply to human being because any organism do have his own individual vision system. Therefore, what view whatever see is depending on what type of organism you are. There is no consistence of the real view from different eyes. For example, a dog only can see a mono world. A rhinoceros only can see a blurred world. So why don’t we try to see a different world from another way?

Moreover, even if we both are human being, what we see from our own eyes may be very different. For example, those color people suffering from color blindness seeing are different to that healthy people seeing. Have you ever imaged that you actually suffer from color blindness but you ever don’t know. So what you have seen is actually different from that healthy people saw. Think about it, why the people don’t know their blindness for a long time, even forever. It is because they don’t really care the reality of what they saw. People said this is red, then red; that is blue, then blue. In fact, they are seeing a different world. What I want to say is that nothing is absolute even in human society.

Therefore, I would like to create an artwork that would let people see a different world and gain a meaningful experience from it. The artwork consists of a transparent container which fill up water such as glass filling with water. And I would like to put a black and transparent film on the half side of the glass so that the glass has 2 extremely different sides (black and white). What I want to do is using a camera toward to the real world through the glass. We can suppose that the pictures or videos I take through the glass with water is different with those taken through nothing. The reason is that a glass filling with water will lead water refraction. Thus, through the glass, we can see a different view because of the refraction. Moreover, we can see another view through the black side of the glass that is a mono view.

I would like to make a movie that imitating a dog walk around on urban street with her/his master. So the point of view is upward side on the street. As dogs are color-blind and have a very bad vision. As the camera record the movie through the the black side of the glass filled with water, the images are blurred and mono that are similar to what a true dog see. And I would like to record another part of the movie without the glass that imitating the master of the dog walking around with her dog. So the point of view is horizontal to normal human. As the master is similar to normal human who has a good vision and without color blindness, so it is a real image of us. The movie will show the 2 different parts simultaneously-One half showing the dog moving; another half showing the human moving. So audience can clearly see the difference of world an animal and a human see.

In my artwork, it do has a meaning that nothing is absolute and no one can guarantee what he see from his eyes is absolutely true. I hope viewers can have a reflection of their life from my artwork that provides a different view of the world.

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