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Be a Positive Attitude of LIFE

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by LAW Chun Shuen


My concept of artwork is not an installation but is an artwork made up with many photos. I would like to show my attitude of LIFE to people through my artwork and have a deep thinking for them.

In 21 century, it seems that people have a stable life. People can enjoy many benefits such as advance technology and social welfare. However, the desire of human is unlimited. It is not satisfied in everyone. Similarly, it is not have a positive attitude of the life in everyone. Many cases of suicide are the supporting cue.

The work is made of many photos which are taken by me. These photos consist in children, elderly, housewife, local people and foreigner. It shows what they are doing like laughing, crying, or working hard. It is including many different level people to do the different things. And then put all these 2R photos to be a word—LIFE. It is to be a big new photo but make up of many photos. That’s means all these photos are represented what the life is.The main purpose of it is that to let people know that is ‘LIFE’. It is not only you are facing difficulties, there are many people have a same problem with. Meanwhile, those happy photos may give a hope that a good fortune is waiting for you.

The idea of this artwork is come from my daily. I see the happiness and sadness in the life. As we all know, Hong Kong is international city. But we can see that still have many concerned issues like the gap between the rich and the poor. But no matter you are which kind of people, you have the right to be happy and sad. Therefore, I hope I can pass the message that when we alive, we will be happy and sad. That is a step of life. It doesn’t depend on your identity, religion and racial. If you are well-being, I hope you can know that is not a must. You must treasure what you have; if you are not, I hope you can know that happy is waiting for you. Don’t be pessimistic and give up.

This picture is show that people have different mind and attitude of life. In a positive attitude, you may have a colorful life. You life will be full of color. In order word, a negative attitude of life is respresented to a poor and dull. Therefore, your mind is very important. It is a main point to change your life.

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