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Reality Switch

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Obsessed by converting the world in what it should be, we need a unique control which will give us the feeling of an almost controlled ultimate power.

I propose a series of works around a unique switch.

Inside the white box, at the middle of the front wall: a switch. It is the only visible element of the exhibition. The visitor is irrepressibly compelled to push it.
Then things happen.
Not necessarily the same, not necessarily in the same order.

The switch editing is an old trick for a new kind of life zapping.

Reality Switch

Samples :

Switch on
Of course the light can be deemed and we understand that it was coming from the walls themselves.

Switch again
One of the walls becomes a screen and we are inside an elevator going up.

Switch again
A nice kitchen well designed with an “ideal” family enjoying lunch.

Switch again
We are in the dark. The sound around us gives the feeling to be in the street, in the middle of a crowd.

Switch again
An ongoing TV program

Reality Switch

Switch again
Images all around the white box. Snap shots. Black and White. Blurry picture nicely framed of the actual visitors captured when coming in.
Sound : People during a contemporary art exhibition opening. Drinks and gossips.

Switch again
One wall/screen becomes the window of a sky scrapper. The sound gives the feeling that something big is coming to us. We see a huge plane coming right to us. When it is big enough to obscure the whole window, and when the sound reaches the climax, everything becomes normal again. Before the impact.

Switch again
We are in the dark looking for the switch. Sound like rats moving on the ground.

The list is unlimited

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