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by SHEK Chun Hong


The installation will have three parts : the building, the island, the sea.
The buildings will be formed by gold coins and which is building shape .
The coins will be piled one by one to form a tall coin column which used to represent building.
Using coin to represent building mean there are occupied by the rich,and there are no any space for the poor.
Plastic used to form a base of the island and use faked grasses to cover the surface to make an island.
On the island where will have some poor houses which have been blocked by the coins, so that they can’t have any view they can see.
I will use the real water to represent the sea .but we need to use plastic to circle the area.
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Explore other countries in a different way

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by TING Ho Yee


My idea of the art work is by photo taking. I would like to take photos of English characters from A to Z from any object, anything that creates those English characters randomly when we look in some angel but not made by human deliberately. The English character could made up of few unrelated objects but when we look at some angles they may overlapped and present the English word, as long as it is not made by human deliberately to present the character, it can be captured and put in the artwork.

There is a condition in taking these English characters, which is taking each English character from one country. The English name of the country determine which English character should explore in the city and take photo with, for example when I go to China, I should take the character “C”, when I go to United State, I should take photo with character “U”. That means, I have to travel at least 26 cities to collect all these character for the artwork. Here is a list for reference of which English character should take photo with in that country:
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Walk for green, walk for tree

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by WONG Wun Him

Action Art

Nowadays, modern cities are developed everywhere. Being a Hong Kong citizen, we can see busy road with many cars and people. Busy transportation creates many pollutants. Why don’t we walk more? It is good for saving money, health and the environment.

This artwork I would like to hold on the street and need many people walk thought the road and to let the trunk of the tree full of green leaves. The process is very meaningful, as we will record down the process for people to see green and environmental protection is the effort of us with corporation, we can’t protect our earth only by ourselves, but the whole city. To make our place more environmentally friendly is our own responsibilities.

The idea of the artwork is to encourage people walk more, drive less. While we walk more, we are helping the tree to grow more green and fresh leaves. Green and tree are the obvious symbol of environmental protection. Everybody walk more in order to create the beautiful picture of a big green tree.


How to do this work?
Put a big long white carpet (with a printed big tree trunk) on the road between two sides of pedestrian. On 2 sides of pedestrian, we will prepare a black rectangle shape blanket with green painting ink. Every people walk through the road will got a green footprint on it and help us to create green leaves with the painting ink’s footprint.

Avatar there

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by CHEUNG Yu Kit


This work aims to give surprise and as well as a promotion item for movies or even movie theatre. When people comes in front of our fake items, such like mirrors or billboards, our hidden camera will capture your emotion and do analysis, after that, a 10sec long micro film will be played, and you will found that the main character is keyed of your face. By different emotion, different kinds of movie mood will be selected. Bring movie to life, movie avatar.


The hidden installation will detect his face and analyze the emotion very quickly.

The installation structure.
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21 century is the anxious era.

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by SIU Shu Kin


I would like to do an art work about the reflection of consumption behavior. Why this project should be done is that the social consumption behavior is out of control and becomes mad. For example, when Apple has a new product like iPhone, iPad and the like, people will line up the store over a week. Another example, many people use most of the income to buy brand name products in order to show off their status. Above the situation, lets me think some questions are that do we really need this product? What is the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’? When people become like that, in order to get the product, they are willing to work in the morning until night to earn the enough money?

At first I would like to use the pop art style to create the picture in order to draw the attention of the customers, and wish them to reflect the consumption behavior, what is the ‘need’ and ‘want’. And why I choose to use this style because I think pop art style is meaningful and beautiful. When you see this type of art work, it always tells you something. However, I also know that if I use this skill to show the work, there is no different from the pop art, that mean I don’t have surmounted anything.
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Automatic Machine for Advertisement

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by MA Chun Sing

Ad 02

As to think deeply about how advertisement on television influence us, how a large amount of visual and audio information flush into our brain. It is important for us to know how advertisement do to us. The aim of this artwork would be to use a creative way to give them a reflection and a whole new face of advertisement. Making an automatic machine that automatically record and edit some of the content of the advertisement on that day gives people a new perception of how they perceive information from television.
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by Zachary IP Yiu Tung

Everything is a projection.


Back to the basic, black and white.

All the shadows is generated in ShadoWorld by a system which is not the real shadow existing in the world. 6 real-time camera capturing image purely and send the message to computer and its system to analyze and synthesize images. Each wall contained the following devices, infra-red camera(depth camera as well), RGB camera, lighting plate, LCD-monitors and speakers, all of them are connected to computer as a interface.

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Creative Teaching Methods of Chinese Painting

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by LAM Wing Mui


“Teaching is when a teacher teaches students in a class.” It is a quite boring definition. I have been a part-time traditional Chinese painting tutor half year. My main students are kinder garden kids and primary children and a few of students are come from secondary school. The teaching method are typical which is I say something and demonstration how to draw and they follow. After half year, I reflection my teaching experience, how can it become more creative? Then, I have a plan to try.


Students can watch the variety video to learn how to paint. For example, they can watch a 30 minutes animation or movie video and fellow the instruction draw the Chinese painting step by step. The student target will be 4-9 years old.

Basic support: A teaching assistant maintain the order and play the video.

Basic tool: Chinese painting tool and a finished Chinese painting display.
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DJING - Disc Jockey in New Generation

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by William CHAN Long Yin


Art must not be an artwork. Art can also be a kind of performance or a kind of tool which creates artwork. My idea, is to combine Art, Performance, Tool and Artwork, and the medium is using Disc jockey Music.
This idea is inspired by the idea of Reactable developed by Sergi Jordà, Marcos Alonso, Martin Kaltenbrunner and Günter Geiger, which is a musical tool where you put different boxes of electronic devices on a table platform, so that they will create sound effects to create music.

My idea is called, “Disc Jockey in New Generation” where I call it “DJING”. Which is a technology combines, two-sided monitor, multi-touch screen, and computer music composting technologies. The overall idea is that, traditionally, when we watch a DJ performance, we can only see the DJ working really busy on his equipment, or sometimes the DJs may move their bodies to create a nice atmosphere for audience. While using DJING, the audience can see each sound track in the form of sound wave, and while the DJ mix the sound tracks and adding special effect into those sound track, the audience can clearly see the adjustment to the form of sound wave, for example, increase the volume by increasing the aptitude, tuning a higher pitch by increasing the frequency, lower the tempo by stretching the sound track, and most important, the show the audience how do you rotate the disc to create incredible sound effects.
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Cure Forest

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by CHUNG Hiu Man

link for the bigger image

Please recall your memories of the current situation about the rainforest all over the world. We know that they are facing damaged problem. Why people need plenty of wood or plants? For a reason is that people make use of plants for air purification and improve our health.
In many cases, people prefer living in forest or villages because of fresh air and comfortable view. However, not many people have chances to do so because their work.
For this reason, why don’t we just create a man-made forest on wall?
My artwork isa installation which I call it “cures forest”.
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