Selected works (2015)

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C LA VIE by Patrice Poujol & XIE Chuangxia (Sheldon)

'C la vie' is a celebration of life which encompasses both the ups and downs of it. The expression 'C'est la vie' is commonly used worldwide as an expression of the acceptance of fate or the larger aims of the universe. 

 But this expression also literally means that this is life and therefore focuses on the most important aspects of our existence. The intent of 'C La Vie' here is to explore and express symbolically the contrasts and the many paradoxes of life often illustrated in China through the symbol of Yin and Yang. 

This is both a joyful and nostalgic journey in the depth of our origins wherever we are from and transcending culture or ethnicity to come to the core of our origins and the end journey, which can be infinity, nothingness or something else. Along the way, our path is met with the multitude of living things.