Dancing Tower

Dancing Tower by Chung Kahei, Pan Shihang, Dorothy Wong

Hong Kong city path has the busiest rhythm

Following the rhythm of the waves

The strong and straight silhouette of ICC becomes soft

Transform into a mirror reflecting Victoria Harbour

And a connection between sea and the city


Mahjong by Tan Yun, Tong Weisen, Zhang Yufan

Mahjong is part of the culture in Hong Kong

Not only as a entertainment game

It also provides opportunity and sensation stimulation

Authors use the patterns of Mahjong and energetic music

to signify the excitement and the unpredictable ending

The Power of Growth

The Power of Growth by Ann Mak, Wang Xiao, Yang Qingqing

From the concept of a famous Chinese poem

“No fire can destroy the grass,

it shoots up again with the spring breeze blows”

Despite encountering various difficulties

The trees recover and get reborn every time

Like the spirit of Hong Kong

Chinese Sky

Chinese Sky by Chen Yingrong, Li Shuoyuzhou, Xie Shicong

Using the vast universe as context

Authors employ the western constellation

to present the Chinese twelve animal symbolsby stars

integrating the Western and Chinese cultures harmoniously


Ensemble by Li Hao, Li Silun, Zhou Zhiyu

Here comes a classical concert along the Victoria Harbour

Playing Bach’s first prelude in the first book of The Well-Tempered Clavier

Music notes are released when keys are pressed

The notes then move between pianos and hit keys to create sounds

They also compose a peculiar pattern for the music piece

The Shadow

The Shadow by Park Jiyun, Yip Wanyee, Zhaung Anjing

Shadow is like a happy fairy

It cannot be found without light, yet it exists

Shadow is the connection between reality and our inner world

symbolizing the desire for freedom

Although we are the one taking charge of the routine life

we need to listen to our mind and find it

Language in the Wonderland

Language in the Wonderland by Ann Mak, Wang Xiao, Yang Qingqing

‘You are the sound from the universe’, I said

I chase you in the dark and in the mist

Will I catch you?

'I am here and I am always here.

Could you find me?', you said

I try to touch you and feel you

So real but so surreal

Like the nubula in the galaxy

Puppet Play

Puppet Play by Bi Jing, Ma Xiaoxiao

Hong Kong is a metropolis that blends both eastern and western cultures

Through the complex interaction in the society

An entirely new culture is formed and ever changing all the time

Like the communication and interaction between

the Western and Eastern puppets when playing the ball