Selected works (2014)

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Happy Hour

Happy Hour by YANG Suye

The Random House Dictionary of American Slang dates "Happy hour," as a term for afternoon drinks in a bar.   People always enjoy their happy hour in bar after work, Open, pour, cheers, means celebration and blessing. I choose pour beer because ICC tower looks like a glass, use it will make audiences place themselves in the midst of happy hour.

Dance with time

Dance with time by ZHAO Qian and Charlotte Greenblatt

Time is eternal, and therefore the speed of time is relative. The rhythm of urban people's life accelerate the speed, flies as fleeting. This is especially true in metropolis like Hong Kong , and even the clouds are in the rapid flow. However, people maintain relaxed attitude to enjoy life is very precious in this machine-like circulation time . This work called 'Dancing with time' that hope people could have classical romantic mood to dance slowly with this mechanically era of rapid operation.

The hands (Black up)

The hands (Black up) by YUN Ze

In this work, I consider hands as my topic. As it shows, hands can do lots of things, including competiting, communicating, trading. Such basic behaviors actually constitute our daily life. On the other hand, our hand also symbolize more profound meaning. when we send out a dove, we express our hope for peace. The hands are parts of our body and also the representation of ourselves.


Von by GAO Yuan

In Chinese cultures, it is believed that a child conceived under the northern lights will be blessed with good fortunes – and good looks. In Northern Europe folklore, it was also believed that northern lights is the signal of ”hope”. Iceland is one of the world's most accessible spots for viewing the northern lights, “VON” means hope in Icelandic. This time-lapse project brings the wonderful scenery from Iceland to Hong Kong People’s everyday life. Hope bless our city.

Floating dangers of the deep

Floating dangers of the deep by LEE David

This work is about one of the dangers of the deep ocean. I wish to express the Jellyfish with its elegant form followed by its venomous nature. The Jellyfish has a chaotic side when its messy, creepy tentacles covers the screen. Its slow pulsating movement is that of a silent killer waiting to catch a prey. At a certain point, the image was distorted and Lava Lamps were used as a metaphor for its alien like form. The choice for this soundtrack "Day of Chaos" is to give the ocean setting a deep darker 


Premises by KALMAN Tarr

To see, at the same time, the premises and the actual state of the development of architecture is a good opportunity to observe our place in the process of mutation. Here the shape of old houses displayed on the façade of an iconic modern skyscraper creates a visual and cultural estrangement. Old houses are passing by leaving space for the new generation. Like the houses, this video has it’s premises too and it is no surprise that one of the very first 3D computer graphic video ever made is showing a flying house made by André Martin and Philippe Quéau titled Maison vole (House fly,1983).

The Tower of Water

The Tower of Water by Ang Li

Water is the symbol of life and energy. Facing the Victoria harbour, the ICC tower gets the spirit of the sea. Now the building becomes a container full of “water”.

Inspired by the divers, I want to show how “The Tower of Water” looks like. Imagining the tower is connected to the water in front of itself and the divers could dive either from the top of the building nor the underwater area. Beyond the ICC tower, there will be a new water surface.

In this case, divers come from both the top and the bottom of the building. Audience could see how the divers move in the “water” of the tower.


  • Artist: Ang Li
  • Composer: Paul Ioannou
  • Background video: Nic Lo & Ang Li
  • Sound of waves: Location sound from short movie “The Memory of Us”, directed by Ang Li.
  • Trailer of “The Memory of Us”:

A Small Moment

A Small Moment by Hey Wu

The graduation ceremony is a very special moment to the graduate. It is not only the very last moment of their school life, but also the beginning of a new relationship between the young generation and the society. But somehow this special moment is always short and fast, and private. Every year, thousands and thousands of students have walked through this special spot and rush into the busy society. I think it would be interesting to recall this special moment by sharing it to the public.

Title: A Small Moment

Length: 0’59”

Sound from: