Open Sky Project Background


School of Creative Media post-graduate students from the INTERACTIVE MEDIA course (starting in September 2014) are assigned a project in which they are required to produce 1~3 minute artworks that could be displayed on the ICC screen façade.

 A curatorial committee comprising of representatives from ICC and SCM will screen and comment on the students’ works. At the end of each semester, all the works that are deemed suitable for display according to ICC policy will be displayed for testing on the tower. The committee will then select the best projects for official presentation of the Urban Media Open Sky Campus.

Public display of work: Works are displayed as a running programme. The programme may only be displayed once, or it could be displayed 2 or 3 times per night for a period that is deemed suitable. Details of the screenings will be decided at the end of each semester according to the quality of the proposals (December / June)

Students will be asked to take into consideration, among others:

  • The context or the urban environment, as well as the position of the building amidst the harbor.
  • The size of the screen and its impact on the immediate vicinity as well as its impact as a prominent landmark that is visible from across the city.
  • Methods for conveying texture and depth on the monochromatic display.
  • The rhythm of the movement across the screen (static images or text aren't as suitable due to the low display resolution)
  • The Impact on the audiences, and their possible emotional response to the work’s content.
  • The possibility of having accompanying sound that can be accessed via mobile devices.
  • Intellectual property and possible copyright infringement. All visual and sound elements need to be either royalty-free or licensed accordingly.
  • ICC policy and ethics as elaborated in the display guidelines of Sun Hung Kai Properties.
  • Students with suitable and outstanding works may be approached to submit an interactive version of their work. Further technical investigations will validate the relevance and feasibility and if the results are satisfactory, this project will be realized in the following semesters.