who else ?

/ Post Reality SA /

Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos / Coordinator /
Konstantinos Drachtidis / Assistant to Coordination/
Modestos Stavrakis / Technical Director/
Yiorgos Karvelis / Web design-Coding/
Maria Kontogiorgou / User Inteface design / Graphics/

/ Special thanks /

Athens 2004 Organising Committee
Look of the City department
Catch the Light Program
Elina Dallas
Bethia Liu
Petros Babasikas
and all Catch the Light Team

and also:
Florence Benayoun
(for being so present on the pictures and around)
Soh Yeong Roh
And Dooeun Choi from the Art Center Nabi
(for making the first version possible)
Shops at Ermou st: Lucifair, Mac, Olympic Store, Benetton


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