why ?

/Artist's statement/

The World wide Panoptikon increases the global exposure.
Is Big Watcher b[r]othering us? Should we be afraid to be seen or should we enjoy the World’s transparency as a way of proclaiming everyone’s difference?

In Watch Out! eyes are coming from everywhere to see us. Their scale on the shop windows gives them another meaning. These eyes are no longer Athens pedestrian spectators watching inside a box but, rather, they look like digital gods checking out the World.
The eyes are everywhere, coming to look down on us, as if somebody finally dares to know what’s going on inside Plato’s cave mysteriously choosing for that, the time of the Olympic Games.

At the Network age, we have the feeling that anybody can address the World to say, finally, the ultimate Truth.

What do we do with this power?
What do we do with this freedom?

From the real World, Watch Out! is Watching Us.


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