• Nov 2011
    - #occupy, NYC
  • Oct 2011
    - FIAC, Paris
  • June 2011
    - Futur en Seine, Paris
  • May/June 2011
    - CDA, Enghien les Bains
  • Dec 2010
    - FAME, Paris

Emotion Forecast (La Météo des émotions du monde)

FIAC 2011 presentation
e-Forecast, Show Off, during FIAC, Paris, October 2011

Version française

What would happen if the economy and trade were based on the emotional state of the planet? Should we not anticipate changes, major mood swings, trouble spikes. The Emotion Forecast is part of the ongoing series on the mechanics of emotions which translates emotions into sculptures: relics of the world.

The idea: Use information about emotions of the world from Google News or similar channels to map dynamic assess trends, and - like the weather-forecast - visualize changes as movements of clouds by compiling data to project the emotional state of the planet we anticipate for the upcoming days.

In the way of anticipating the movement of clouds on the planet for weather forecasting (weather forecast), Emotional Forecast is a prediction service on emotional grounds statistics. Anticipating the emotional state of the world's major upheavals and predict the actions of investing.

How a fiction-logic has a concrete impact on the reality and limitations of the system. Present the emotions of the world such as weather or stock quotes, making strangely resemble their representation in Bloomberg TV, Emotion Forecast made a realistic fiction.

e-Forecast is part of the Collection of Contemporary Art FAME.

e-Forecast is part of a series of research on emotional mapping at the CiTu-Laboratory the University Paris 8 led by Maurice Benayoun. In this context, it produces daily video feeds for TheArtCollider.