In order to introduce media arts to the public and promote their understanding of this discipline, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) organised three large-scale interactive media exhibitions, namely “Body Movies” (2006), “A-Glow-Glow” (2008) and “Invention & Intervention” (2011) respectively. These exhibitions featured outstanding and interactive installation works by renowned international and local media artists. To further enhance the above objective, HKADC is now organising the upcoming “4th Large-scale Interactive Media Arts Exhibition”.

Presented by HKADC, curated by Professor Jeffrey Shaw and Professor Maurice Benayoun and organised by the City University of Hong Kong, the 4th Large-scale Interactive Media Arts Exhibition will be held in Hong Kong in September 2014. During the exhibition period, the project will present a series of interactive media arts exhibitions and seminal new large-scale public art light installations under the theme of “Fleeting Light”. The project has invited world-renowned media artist Jim Campbell, and two well-established local artists Leung Mee Ping and Samson Young for participation. They are enthusiastic about presenting their masterpieces to the citizens of Hong Kong.

Along with the exhibitions, several educational programmes such as an Artist Symposium, Artist Workshops, and Docent Tours will also be presented. As a public and highly interactive media arts exhibition, “Fleeting Light” will be able to create extensive application space for the positioning of contemporary digital application and arts, and encourage public participation in media arts.