Step and Shoot
Série photographique

Bored by a vision of the world dominated by B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) that seem for so many people to be the only way to consider human interactions, I would like to start a series of works called H2H: Human to Human.

The first work of the series would be the manhole covered by a used carpet during Paris FIAC (Foire Internationale d’art Contemporain) 2010. I felt compelled by this reversed foot print, drawn by the visitors of this exhibition where art is for sale. I started thinking of an “interaction design” process: every time a foot touches what I consider as an “interaction zone” I would trigger my photo camera. This very simple human driven interaction process takes an external input to connect two actions: stepping/clicking making me the slave of the program. STEP and SHOOT.

Step and Shoot1

Step and Shoot2

Step and Shoot3

Step and Shoot4

Step and Shoot5

Step and Shoot6

Step and Shoot7

Step and Shoot8

Step and Shoot9

Step and Shoot10

Step and Shoot CDA 33