The spirit of contemporary art

Most of the sensible minds have understood, since now long, that there is no reason to produce significant artwork nor explore virgin territories. It is a fundamental fact: it has to « be like contemporary art »…as reminded us utterly relevantly the Pompidou’s curator. One never measures the reach of this consideration. Recognition is the basis for environment espousal; therefore it goes through the production of indications, minimum of the respect of implicit norm. No use, in this case, to be surprised by the rejection that does not increase amongst rational but amongst the necessity of protecting all or part of the rules that define the instituted frame in which art can move in peace. Then, one has to identify the bound properties of these contemporaneous external signs, these that immediately show to a critic, a curator or a collector they are in known ground, with just enough thrill to foresee a possible danger, maybe true, but that could not reach the body or mind of the one who feels it.

Between these legitimizing attributes, certain characteristics constitute permanent forms that lead them to lasting relevance.

Otherwise, the use of flavor in agribusiness that comfort the consumer, making him sure he is eating genuine strawberry freshly picked, tasting land, assuming the biological cultured tag, is also of this order.

The project is to seek, for the equivalent artwork, to reach the essence of contemporary art. Amongst the essential oils of contemporary art, I immediately put away the linseed oil fragrance…the turpentine is way too much linked to the fifty’s exhibitions to give this contemporary scent that wants to affect all lasting tradition. The smell of vinyl paint that defines the freshly done up white box is discrete and undeniably present in all the well off private views.

The Spirit of Contemporary Art will be distributed in small sized bottles, ascetic design, in museum shops…or better, in the artist’s furniture shop.

White Cube is the prototype of White Box project, in partnership with Philippe Dana from Le Studio des Parfums, Paris.

I wish to stay posted about the coming issue of WHITE CUBE

White Cube