Connect and challenge the nature

Connect and challenge the nature

 The Gate, Cornelia Konrads, 2004

For the first impression of above-mentioned installation, I just see some floating stones. And I think the artist wants to show some unbelievable scenes from fiction movies purely. I would say people in reality can feel what characters feel in movies after appreciating this installation, which named “the gate”, created in 2004.

This mind-bending site-specific installation was created by a German land artist Cornelia Konrads. The Gate is mysterious, sometimes I do not know why I love it. But I think I am not just attracted by its amazing exterior but also its inner charms. Konrads makes use of material from the nature to build up “the gate”. Thousands of pieces of rock were connected by several steel ropes. It is almost camouflaged by the surrounding woodlands. I love the sense of harmony. Indeed, the most attractive feature of this installation should be the illusion of denying gravity and the violation of Newton’s law. When you get close to the pillar, you may just see several steel bars link pieces of rocks. But when you view it in distant place, a magical phenomenon appears before your real eyes. Those heavy rocks appear to be floated in mid-air individually. They never drop off. She uses her hand and some normal tools to generate a weightless space.

In my opinion, “the gate” also symbolized the memories of different times. Recalling my impression towards this installation, I do not recognize this is a gate directly. What we can see is two pillars stand in on both side of a path.

 But I should pay attention to a special part of this installation. I can see that sizes of rocks at the top of two spillers are getting smaller, because Konrads capture a moment when stones are dissolving. I am not sure whether stones are flying up or falling down. I certainly consent that the upper part of the gate is conveyed to another unknown space and become a legend in that space. Perhaps the existing part is actually from past or future. Although it just a suspend scene of the whole process, it already can make viewers feel that all these rocks are changing. Furthermore, I can get an illusion that I likely go to other spaces or times and images from other times pop up in my mind once I go through this gate. A gate and a path can establish a time machine.

Why she set up this installation in a forest? In my opinion that is because everything in nature is different, we do not know whether they all from a same space. Nature can conveniently be separated by just a gate, especially a gate made of stones.

Every elements of this installation can be combined harmoniously. Konrads is creation an illusion of interlacing space and time. Thu, this is not just a standstill gate, this is an entrance to other space and I can say this is a hub of time travel.

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