Hong Kong street style

Hong Kong street style

Street art by Tsang Tsou Choi

This work is extremely famous that most of Hong Kong people know this artwork Hong Kong street artist called Tsang Tsou Choi.

His artwork is unique as he is the first person to write a lot of Chinese words on different stuff of the public area in Hong Kong. It was not difficult for us to find out his special writings on different streets few years ago. His artworks are introduced in museum after his death. Those artworks were part of our lives and street culture but it became a part of history as those artworks do not appear on streets anymore. Although removing those writings from streets is considering the public areas’ appearance, it is a loss of our street culture and it became our memory. His artwork was very common in the past as we always saw his creative and stylish writings, we would not realize those artworks were treasures of street culture. Just like the old, special buildings of Hong Kong, we would not think that it is a treasure or important memory. But when those old things disappeared, we will find that those things are valuable. It is similar to those artworks that it raised public’s concern after those artworks had disappeared on the street. His artworks are quite successful as it is built on the solid foundation of the public memories and the street culture.

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