Open Sky Project Background


OPEN SKY PROJECT is a joint collaboration between International Commerce Centre (Sun Hung Kai Properties) and School of Creative Media (City University of Hong Kong), that is mooted with a vision to further enrich and enliven the urban skyline of Hong Kong.

Through this common vision, two of its programs (OPEN SKY GALLERY and OPEN SKY CAMPUS) are curated to transform ICC’s extensive 77,000 square meter LED façade into an international platform and gallery, showcasing specially curated time-based artworks by prominent, international media artists as well as exceptional works by up-and-coming artists. Each piece is envisioned as a site-specific artwork in its unique vertial format, and is showcased to bring about interesting discussions and inspirations for the urban audience.

The project objective is to enrich the urban environment of Hong Kong as well as to push the boundaries of what we could possibly do with large screen urban display systems, via ICC’s gigantic digital canvas that currently holds the Guinness record as the largest light and sound show on a single building.




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