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Good concept art needs good concept critics.

We need a magazine for critic and promotion of concept art. It has to be printed (should concept critic stay digital?).
Everybody is invited to write articles about projects/works from the Dump and the Open Dump.

Dump Mag

Contemporary art teaches us that the curator is actually the artist, the collector the historian, and the critics: the conceptors. When we see how a piece art can be nicely dressed by a good critic, whatever the work, we understand that contemporary criticism is reversed conceptualisation. The impact on artist is so big that we should respect the value of this not so new fundamental component of creation.


Look Dad, it?s you!

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Player: Eleanor

This morning, Elea (3 years old) came and see me: “Look Dad, it’s you, on the book!”

I’ve always dreamt to be on the cover page of great books. Here it is!
Of course immediately I thought that one could build one’s story, a media bio, using front pages, covers, posters, advertising, tabloids.
The world look like us, and we share the responsibility of this resemblance.

Llook Dad, it's you

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