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Red Light Spotters

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Red Light Spotters
Players: Philippe Codognet, Sir Alice

Visiting the Mori Tower in Tokyo (summer 2005) with Philippe Codognet, the evidence of red lights blinking at night came to my mind as the stubborn will of the City to say something to any open intelligence. I was facing this absurd but recursive artist’s mission : try to make the world understandable, even if it is definitely obscure to you.
If you fail : make the failure visible enough to make the evidence of the this aporia talking out loud.

That was the resulting project:
Cities are emitting obscure messages that cannot easily been deciphered: sounds, lights, smells…
Through thousands of red lights blinking in the night, Tokyo city is whispering.
This obsessing blinking should be translatable. The apparent synchronicity cannot be only a randomised process. The absence of synchronicity can also be interpreted as an obscure language.
Is the city trying to say something?
Are invisible entities communicating in front of us and we don’t even know what, why and how?
Would it be a kind of hidden speech that would remain secret because it is so obvious?
Whatever the interpretation we try to put on these signs, one cannot stay without trying to understand what’s going on around us.
In this obsessive compulsion of interpretation, people can spend hours watching without understanding and this impossibility to understand is balanced by the fascination for this almost hypnotic phenomenon.

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  1. Les chanteurs contre-attaquent à ces polémiques sur le telechargement : Chouette, non ?

    Commentaire par Auxanne Nutella — 2012-02-23 @ 7.11 pm

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