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Incomplete Earth

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by KWOK Yuk Tung

Paper Earth

This is a work made by huge piles of paper, the paper (small objects) will be combined together to form a big earth (large object). And at the end, I will break the whole earth to create crack on some of the national maps.

The shape of the earth is sphere and the earth is formed by huge piles of paper. Each small piece of paper is actually the national map. So the amount of paper pieces is really large. For different nationals, different national maps will represent her country. For the country which is larger, larger piece and more paper will be used and the color of puzzle is also different to different country. That means the segment of nationals is the national map and the size of paper. There are almost 200 countries in this world. So 200 national maps will appear in my art work.

This earth is no longer the earth we have seen before, for this, there are many different national maps and many colors appeared on the earth. The layer inside the earth is some metal materials so as to support the large amount of paper. Of course, apart from this, there is also a stand that support the whole earth and makes the earth rotates.

Conventionally, many people have the concept that the national must be complete and breaking national map is politically incorrect. This art work breaks the convention of people. And by breaking the whole earth, it is much more powerful than just breaking each national map.

The message behind the art work is that although the country is on the same earth, that is the papers on the same sphere, there are many differences between countries. Each of the country try to retain their own form of cultural and the national flag of each country is also independent and distinctive.

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