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by LEE Yan Yi


Everyone has potential to be a deadline-fighter; especially the students nowadays, they have lots of assignments and exercise to deal with. However, most of them always start their works on the last minute, the variety of reasons will be used when they cannot hand in on time, such as “I forgot to do it.”, most of them will be disqualified and some are lucky will not. The Deadline watch is useful as a reminder.

The watch will to change its colour as the deadline becomes closer in order to attract the owner’s attention. There are total 3 colours can be appeared in the watch, blue means you still have so much time to finish your work, while yellow and red mean you should start to do some parts of the assignment and you have to rush on this project. Apart from the colour , the countdown of the days will appear in the screen as well in order to remind you the deadline.

How is the watch being worked?
The watch is synchronized to the “cloud computing” just like the icloud, which can enter to lots of data-base through this technology. Moreover, a program will be inserted inside the watch is able to analyze the time needed to finish the whole assignment after you entered the details of the homework. For example you have to finish an essay in 2000 words, all you need to do is entered the demanded words and the topic. Then, the computer will automatically search the resource for your work on internet , the e-library and the data-base through the cloud computing, the time you needed will be lesser if the resource are rich.

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