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by LO Hiu Kwan

Since I like to take photos, so the artwork I would like to make is by taking photos. The theme of this artwork is “SKY”. And the name of the artwork is “UP THE HEAD”. Because I like to raise up my head and to see what can I discover. I really love to raise up my head every moment that I wish. Especially the sky, it can attract me a lot. I think that when we look at the sky, we can relax and release our pressure. But what if we look up the sky in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is full of tall buildings. The vision of the sky is becoming narrow. It is difficult to see the whole piece of sky if we stand in Central or Tsim Sha Tsui these commercial places. So I want to make a piece of artwork that can make a contrast with the other countries, which they have more open space and do not have tall buildings, take a photo of their sky, standing on their main city and compare with the one in Hong Kong.

I would like to take the sky of different countries and different places. And then I will overlap the photos of the sky that I took in different places and Hong Kong. I would like to convey the message that the sky is getting narrower if that places is more prosperous. People may not discover that the tall buildings and the prosperous city make the sky become smaller in daily life.

I would like to place the photo of the whole piece of sky in the back as the background. And then followed by the sky with some shadows, maybe that shadow is trees, buildings, or others. Then cut out the sky except the shadows, and overlapped together with the background. People can choose different piece of shadows, i.e. different sky in different places, to overlap with the background, so they can discover that what is the difference of the relationship between the size of the sky that we can see and the prosperity of the city.

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