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Lift of Amazing Journey

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by CHAN Ka To


In Hong Kong, most of the people will use lift every day. You will use it when you go to work, go back home, go to shopping, or etc. It may spend a lot of time to use lift in your life. It is believed that it can be more interesting about the lift.

This idea is inspired when a people falling down into an abyss. It just likes a lift going down.

The idea is that by putting the HD video screen into the whole lift to cover the entire wall including the six surfaces inside the lift. Then, the screens will show different videos when the lift going up or down. Actually, it is an immersive installation. When the lift is going up, the screens will show some videos about going up to coordinate the lift such as going up from the ground to the sky, then to the space to make the people inside the lift feeling they are flying up to space. When the lift is going up, the screens will show some videos about falling down to coordinate the lift such as falling into a shore. It will also add some sound effect to simulate the environment in the animation to enhance the experience.

The system will respond to the weather information release by Hong Kong Observatory and display the corresponding animation such as when there is rainy day in Hong Kong, the screens will display with series of animation with rain passing through the clouds when the lift is going up.

When the lift stops and opens the door, the screens will show back to the original images of the lift and let the people who are first time coming inside the lift do not know this concept. When the lift moves to up or down again, the screens will show the suitable animation again.

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