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Art Work for Elderlies

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by Mac Wing Tung

This project is named Elderly Smile. The main idea of this art work is to awaken the intension on elderly in the society. In the daily life of Hon Kong citizens, we always concentrate on our study or work. We always talks about future but not the past, talks about the next generation but not the elderlies. In fact, elderly is a group of helpless weaker. They were the one built our city, gave us a comfortable home. But when they lost the ability to contribute, we forgot them.

In this work, I will try to take photos for elderlies in Hong Kong. All the photos will be smiling face of elderlies. When I collect enough amounts of photos, I will put it together and form a Hong Kong Island map. As I mentioned, elderlies have gave a lots in order to build Hong Kong. They are the founding base of Hong Kong. This art work will be displaced in different shopping mall, public area and museum.

By making this art work, I want to raise a very important social issue, the welfare of elderlies. In Hong Kong, although elderlies over a fixed age can get subsidies from government every month, care and love for them are extremely lack.

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