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by Wong Lai Sung


“The Pearl of the Orient,” is the nickname of Hong Kong, it is well known for its spectacular night-lights. However we seldom see any stars at the city center, one can only see is a brightly illuminated sky background. With a densely populated city, the outdoor lightings in Hong Kong are everywhere. These contributed to the serious light pollution in the city. All those lights wash out the night sky ruining the beauty of the cosmos for all. NASA satellite map shows a map of Hong Kong light pollution. It’s beautiful and powerful but worrying. The wasted electricity used to operate these lights contributes to global warming.


To enhance the problem of light pollution in Hong Kong, an installation Call “Stardust” is designed. It is an installation by using a lot of small LED lights with blue, orange and white color to build a map of light pollution in Hong Kong. There is a clock put in the middle of the room to display the time of the lighting in Hong Kong. Viewer can control the time to see the real time of light pollution variation in Hong Kong from 6p.m. to 6a.m. If no one controls the time, the light will change automatically in every five minutes to represent the lighting change in Hong Kong from 6p.m. to a day.

Why I call it “Stardust”? It is because on the ground, we seldom see the stars in the sky. However when you look down from the space, the lights come from Hong Kong seems like the star in the sky. I hope the installation can give a reflection for people to reduce as many useless outdoor lighting as possible, as well as using astronomical-friendly lighting sources.

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