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Rose Petals of Remembrance

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by KWOK Yuk Tung


This work is about remembrance. Roses come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from white, pink, blue, orange, yellow and red to nearly black. I am going to put the rose petals with different colors together to make some pictures about memories or some historical moments.

I believed that everyone had some memories that cannot let go, and think about them in the nights that we cannot sleep. However, we all know that even we do not want to let go, but we had no choice. Flower is the same as memories. Natural flower is beautiful and everyone likes it, but also fragile and cannot stay long.

About the project, it would be separate into two parts.

The first part is interview. I am going to interview some people especially the elders to ask some story of their life. When my artworks showed in an exhibition, their photo and their stories will also be showed nearby my artworks.


The second part is about the petals. I will crush the petals into small pieces to provide variety and texture and make it easier to replace them as a picture. Both fresh and dried rose petals would be overlapped and glued into different size and types of easels. Like the pictures I found in the Internet, but my artwork would be more elaborated.

I won’t do anything with the petals like drying, which means those roses petals will rot. That is the meaning of my artwork, all memories are beautiful, but we cannot go back or keep those moments forever. Life is about keep going. The more time we pass, the fewer memories we could remember. But even when we forgot the details of those memories, every time when we think of these, they still as good as the image of roses: beautiful and smell nice.

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