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Translating Anger

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by Li Cheuk Hin


In this era, blame culture seems to become a trend in the world, everyone has their own pressure and express it towards other people this makes us always live in a world of frustration and depression. Just keep on saying “do not get angry” or “relax” is no longer practical now. People should have an area to release their pressure to make themselves more comfortable.
This is an installation which is a good tool for people to sweep away their negative feeling and emotion. It is able to refill those people with optimistic as well. As a result, they can express their anger on this installation instead of other people.

picture 1
Refer to the picture 1, the person with anger stand in front of the screen. He could shout towards the screen with some body movements. Those actions would be collected and be translated to different reactions on the screen. For example:


If someone keep on doing some rude actions, some color splashing effect would be produced on the screen.


The color of splashing on the screen would be changed as well if the system received some particular words.
The technique of kinect system plays an important role in this installation. There is a set of kinect system,it can collect sounds and the function of motion capture helps collecting body movements. It is installed in front of the participant, the collected data of those actions would be translated to different commands by the system. Finally, different splashing effects would be projected on screen with different color. When the participant keeps on repeating these two steps, a colorful image would be produced. As the picture below:


After he released his pressure, a colorful image has been produced. I believe that, color is the origin of happiness. Turning all the grievances into optimism will help eliminate the blame culture in our society.

Here is the example of translated anger:

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