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Imagination with unlimitation

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by Cecilia HUI Sze Ying


They are a series of design interacting with animals. I created this work inspired by an experience in visiting a farmland in TaiWan. Nowadays, HongKongers are used to live in a modern city, everyday aiming to earn their life and they become stressed easily. We are having fewer chances to live with the nature under such an commercial city, so when you once have a chance, grasp it.

When I got to the country park in Tai wan, with such a huge Greenland and difference species living all together under the nature environment, I felt so relax and thanksgiving.
It is true that in order to protect the animals as well as ourselves. We are not able to touch them or do any interaction with those lovely animals to prevent bacteria. Tourists are always limited outside railing and can only use their camera to take photo. At the same time, the animals are being limited inside the railing as their living area. At that time, many funny ideas rise in my brain and I am dreaming to play with them freely together without any limitation. That’s why I would like to create some characters to be like living together with them.

First, I saw many gooses running at such a high speed with their friends around the Greenland. I imagine someone can sit on them travelling at a high speed like a hero.

Then I saw the cows eating slowing as usual in their relaxing living style. I flash back to my childhood that if I can lie there waiting for their fresh milk would be great.

At last were the horses all standing beside the railing like marching waiting for some treats.


As I was as well a tourist and couldn’t touch them but only took photograph, with the boring flat pictures, I would like to add in some of my own thinking and imaginations with those animals. It makes the art pieces in my own style and more unique.

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