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LEGO and the World

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by Nelson LEE Laam Cheun

Human is mainly made of 5 elements- Oxygen (Red LEGO) Carbon (Blue LEGO)
Hydrogen (Green LEGO) Nitrogen (Yellow LEGO) Calcium (White LEGO)
Our earth is mainly made of 5 elements too – Fire, Water, Forrest, Soil, Air
Humans are living in the earth, we are stick together. Earth provides different elements for our living. Fire provides fuels for cooking. Water and air are the main parts of their bodies. Forrest provides shelters. Also, soil provides land for growing plants. We cannot survive without the earth. However, we destroy it during the rapid society development. Civilization and industrialization creates much pollution. Recently, new types of virus appeared and also global warming is getting more serious. The earth is dying. The black LEGO represents it. I want to warn the people concerning the problem that we have now. We should stop our wrong behavior and save the world.

LEGO is my favorite toy when I was small. It is traditionally thought that LEGO should be combined together in order to construct a sculpture or a model. However, I want to make something different this time. I would not combine the LEGO together and also I would like to break them in to smaller pieces. I want use them to present the elements of earth and human. I would not combine them, I would just put them in the different parts in the art work.
There will be a human model. It will be divided into 5 parts representing 5 elements of earth and human. The black LEGO will represent the destroyed part of earth and the health of human. The size of the art work is around 2 meters high.

I want to show the art work in some crowed area, e.g. Time square, Festival Walk, Sogo, Hong Kong Exhibition Centre. As my message is a global issue, everyone has his own responsibility to save the earth. I want this message being widespread.

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