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The Sound of Nature

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by Frances Li Ka Ching

Have you ever take a rest and hear the surrounding voice from nature? We are busy all the time, indulging in the world of technology, listening to pop songs, we soon forget the fascinating sound from nature, which can release our stresses.

This is designed as an installation artwork. The main settings include an electronic board and pen, headphones, a list of nature patterns for reference. This artwork is designed to let people listen to the forgotten sound of nature, like winds, thunder, water flows.

How to run
People are required to put on the headphone and start drawing the picture related to nature by the electronic board and pen. People are suggested to draw according to the given nature patterns for better detection.

Things that the person draws will be detected by the computer and transform into the corresponding pre-recorded sound. For instance, when a person draw a thunder, sound of thunder will be played through the headphones.

The played sounds will be accumulated when the person keeps drawing. Soon, the picture will be turned into sympathy of nature, like, the combination of the sounds of raining, thunder, lightening and hurricane.

People can enjoy their finished work and realize how amazing it is that a drawing picture can be turned into another art form - sound.

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