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Colour of your hall life

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by CHOI Chi Fung

I’m hall resident, although I choose the double room, however most of times my room-mate was not in the room. She seldom back to hall, so I always feeling lonely in my room at night. As I just always stay at my room alone, with 3 white walls and 1 window. It is so boring!
So, I always imagine that the walls in my room could be the screens for me, let me watching the videos. Moreover, as nowadays smart phones are really common, we can use our phones for taking photos or video at any time. So, I do think that everyone could be an artist!

The main idea of my work is that I want to show photos as the wall paper of my room, (or actually anywhere that I want with white wall )especially the photos that I took by my phones which can let me memorizes my daily life or something that are meaningful to me .
The artwork is to make a diary with photos, you better take one photo everyday for you to memorizes every special moment of your hall life.

As this is a special diary you can only share it on the last day of every year.
You can share it by showing as a video in your room. In every 31 Dec., the students who join this artwork would be ask to open their room door and everyone could see your life.

I want to make this artwork is because I think, nowadays most of the students are only care of their own life, they seldom share to other. But I can make sure that in every room, in every video, students must show some photos that they were with their friends. So, I hope this art work could spare a message that, as human on the earth are not living alone, they should care more about others.

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