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Pandora’s Box

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By LOK Pei Yu

In this artwork, I am going design a carton box that is placing many childhood memories. For example, the Gameboy in black and white is needless to say. As we all know, smart phone and Iphone are eroded our life. The little children are playing Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. However, those devices are updated too fast and too easy to get it. They just need to click a “DOWNLOAD” button in the Apps store, after that they can get whatever they want. What is the consequence? The children may not treasure the things they own.

Apart from the old devices, sticker photo also cannot be omitted. When we was a young teens, sticker photo is mostly every children favorite. Also, it was about $30-40 something. However, the newest devices were established. Those devices can make many effects for the photo we taken. No matter sticker photo, vintage photo or old photo, you just need a phone. Those make sticker photo expensive because the cast of running was increased by lack of customers. Through the sticker photo, I will use many sticker photos to be the wallpaper to fulfill the carton box outside.

Needless to say, communicate by post is the things many Hong Kong people had been tried. Their was a tend to collect stamp in the older Hong Kong. However, email, Facebook and Twitter. It makes the post delivering method may not be chosen. So in this work, I will use different stamp as the wallpaper, to fulfill the envelope, which can be the decoration and bring out the message that we should not rely on the electric devices.
Moreover, Barbie dolls can be omitted too. When we were young, Barbie doll is the dream of many girls. However, people tend to choose newest devices instead of collecting a playing Barbie dolls. So, I want to transform the messages that do not forget the thing that had gave us happiness. Other than that, I will place the Barbie dolls with my hand made clothes in the carton box.
Nowadays, people like to share their ups and downs in their daily life through the social network. They can modify the photo effect. In the old style camera, it only takes one photo each frame. It makes us treasure shot. I will place some old style photo which taken by film camera.

In this works, I will use the carton box as the Pandora’s box. When people open it, it will make them unforgettable and cannot stop thinking.

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