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Make A Fruit Light!

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by FUNG Hoi Ki


Concept: In daily life, everything seems to have a fixed image and made by a fixed materials such as paper should be made by wood and cup should be made by glasses. These concepts are fixed in people mind since they were born and people always think it is normal. However, I think these concepts should not be recognized that deservedly. Actually, we can change those materials creatively if the property of the other things is suitable for it. So, I am finding some way to put this idea into practice and this is an artwork from Caleb Charland. This is an art that combine Art and Science. Since in the fruit, there is some fruit acid which can conduct electricity, the fruits can replace battery to make the light lights up.

Method: To make a fruit light is very easy. First, divided the fruit into pieces and put a light bulb in the middle. For remainder, it is better to cut the fruit into semitransparent so that you can see the light later. Second, stab the galvanized nails and coppers into the fruits and connect them with the light bulb. Then, the fruit acid will have chemical action with the galvanization. Wait for some minutes, the light bulb will light up and the fruit light will be done. However, since the electricity that the fruit provided is very weak, if you want to take a photo and make the fruit light as bright as the photo above, you should have exposure for a few hours. According to this method, you can use fruit to replace batteries to conduct electricity for many things!

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