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Show our ’80s life in a creative way

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the feeling i want to bring out in the exhibition

My inspiration comes from my cousin, a ’80s collector, Mrs. Zhu Yuxiang.
My cousin was born in the 80s , she always told me how her life was in the ’80s, she think that ’80s is a simple and full of human touch’s city. Many children playing in park happily, likes swings, slides. After playing, they usually go to snack shop buy food, or go to the toy shop. Also, I know Mrs Zhu Yuxiang for a long time, she inspired me a lot,I had saw some of her collection in the internet, those toys were famous in the ’90s and now they are classic! Therefore I have come up an idea about this project.

My project is an exhibition about the ’80s. I would like to show the photos taken in the ’80s, and object which were common in the ’80s. Because time flies, and our city has changed a lot, many things happened in 80’s are gradually be forgotten by people, therefore I would like to do this project in order to remind people some remarkable thing, such as park, toys, food, road, bus, something which was common and people always met in the ’80s.

My exhibition is divided into two parts.
First part is using photo to reflect our ’80s. In this part, I will choose some photos which is representative, the meaning of representative is Photo should be taken in ’80s,the content must be about ’80s daily life, such as toy ,family photos ,transport and something people always meet in their daily life.

Those photo will all stick in a board which designed by myself, because I want to bring out a feeling that the ’80s were the best and wonderful. Also I want the audience will feel warmth and yearning after watching my exhibition, so the tone of my design will be classical . The color will mainly using brown and blue.


Another part is collecting object to reflect our ’80s. All remember that each people growing up in the 1980s, girls were always pulled the rubber band kept jumping from kindergarten onward, the boy is in love with a water gun, slingshot plan prank after school little friends sat together laughing hide and seek, digging bunkers, buried treasures. Own closet, the head of the bed, a pillow under the tumbler, the long-legged doll, as well as play without getting tired of stained glass marbles to shoot foreign paintings. Therefore I would like to collect those things and some electric equipment, likes rice cooker, television ,mobile phone ,fan and so on. Because those thing has changed so fast nowadays, many people forget the old ones, the wonderful old ones , so I want to recall people’s memory through my exhibition.

the decoration of the exhibition

Finally, I truly hope that this project can be done. Then our common memories can be last. And our new generation can know more about the ’80s, their parents life in the ’80s! Past our life experience to next generation is one of our duty, so my exhibition is necessary. I really want to express that even time flies, and our city has changed a lot, but we can still keep those things via our strive. In the exhibition, I also want to emphasize each epoch has their valuable things existed, we should treasure all the things appear in our city.

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