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by TONG Chung Nga


Technology has become a big part of our life nowadays.
Everyone is looking at the smart phone, iPad, computer or television.

The information seems come and goes more and more easily and quickly, the ways for us to explore the world is much richer and diversified. We can see thousands of movies with few buttons in iTunes, look at some street at the other side of the earth with few buttons in Google map or look at any art work or natural spectacle with typing few words in the search engine.
But in the other point of view, people actually restrict by technology to feel the art of life with their own sense.

How can a rectangle show the beauty of the sun set and with the sunshine lie on your face?
No matter how big a television is.
How can a rectangle show the beauty of the sea and the wind pass by.
No matter how high the revolution is.

My art work would hold in front of the beautiful cliff or beach or a brilliant art work..
I would hang a rope just right beside the way people pass by.
When people pass by, I will invite them choose a random size of rectangle frame that we proved to frame the best angle from their eyes to see these amazing view or the best part they enjoy. They could hang on the rope or just under the frames that other people hanged.

After many hours there will be many of rectangles hanging in my work. It would make an interesting and quite aesthetic picture that different size of rectangle frame showing in the midair and each of them is represent one person contribute in my work. But what I am trying to show is in fact that none of them can really show the beauty and the art of life. Each of them is only framing a very small part of the real experience from their own point of view and if you see through the rectangles, they will never be as great as the whole picture. At the same time, they will affect the whole view because the frames actually block the view and make destruction.

At the end, the frames can’t make a great view itself and can’t make a great view as a whole. In real life, if everyone just stake with their own rectangles, how can the art of life shows its ray of light just like the view of my art work? Hold up your head and experience the art of life.

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  1. スツールの目からうろこ領分。絶交サイトです。スツールを思うよね。辿った道を前置き。

    Commentaire par スツール — 2019-03-27 @ 3.19 am

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