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LEGO and the World

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by Nelson LEE Laam Cheun

Human is mainly made of 5 elements- Oxygen (Red LEGO) Carbon (Blue LEGO)
Hydrogen (Green LEGO) Nitrogen (Yellow LEGO) Calcium (White LEGO)
Our earth is mainly made of 5 elements too – Fire, Water, Forrest, Soil, Air
Humans are living in the earth, we are stick together. Earth provides different elements for our living. Fire provides fuels for cooking. Water and air are the main parts of their bodies. Forrest provides shelters. Also, soil provides land for growing plants. We cannot survive without the earth. However, we destroy it during the rapid society development. Civilization and industrialization creates much pollution. Recently, new types of virus appeared and also global warming is getting more serious. The earth is dying. The black LEGO represents it. I want to warn the people concerning the problem that we have now. We should stop our wrong behavior and save the world.
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Abusing Application

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by Liao Wen Hui

In recent years, Smartphone becomes more and more popular. Whether we travel on the MTR, take lectures in university, or shuttle in the streets, Smartphone is all rounded. Wherever we go, we can see people holding a Smartphone for playing games, snapping photos or just glancing at Facebook. Manufacturers continue to introduce a variety of applications to users. And the program for modifying photos is one of most prevalent applications.

People can modify photos in any places in anytime with those editing tools. Not only it can edit photos after shooting them immediately, but also it is easier than such software like Photoshop to use. It may be much user-friendly for people to add post effects to pictures. On the other hand, these applications may lead to aesthetic disaster for photography. Because of the established effects and automatic processing functions, people seldom give careful consideration, testing or practice. People only need to slightly adjust the color and brightness level if they want. They tend to rely on these applications when those come to easy obtain post-produced photos.

This artwork makes an irony to the phenomenon of overusing editing applications.
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“the Earth” ball

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by WONG Chung Kit

World Soccer Ball
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Discrimination happens every day ever since the man’s history starts. Racism, gender, language, religious and many types of discrimination has led us into conflicts, between a few people, or various parties, or even different countries. My artwork is concerning about this issue, it is a ball painted in the Earth’s look, the message I want to send out is that although we are born to be an unique individual, we all live in the same planet. We share the resource available on this planet, just like a big family. It is more or less the same for all human being, for this equal rights to living. That’s why we should respect for each other.
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Imagination with unlimitation

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by Cecilia HUI Sze Ying


They are a series of design interacting with animals. I created this work inspired by an experience in visiting a farmland in TaiWan. Nowadays, HongKongers are used to live in a modern city, everyday aiming to earn their life and they become stressed easily. We are having fewer chances to live with the nature under such an commercial city, so when you once have a chance, grasp it.

When I got to the country park in Tai wan, with such a huge Greenland and difference species living all together under the nature environment, I felt so relax and thanksgiving.
It is true that in order to protect the animals as well as ourselves. We are not able to touch them or do any interaction with those lovely animals to prevent bacteria. Tourists are always limited outside railing and can only use their camera to take photo. At the same time, the animals are being limited inside the railing as their living area. At that time, many funny ideas rise in my brain and I am dreaming to play with them freely together without any limitation. That’s why I would like to create some characters to be like living together with them.
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Translating Anger

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by Li Cheuk Hin


In this era, blame culture seems to become a trend in the world, everyone has their own pressure and express it towards other people this makes us always live in a world of frustration and depression. Just keep on saying “do not get angry” or “relax” is no longer practical now. People should have an area to release their pressure to make themselves more comfortable.
This is an installation which is a good tool for people to sweep away their negative feeling and emotion. It is able to refill those people with optimistic as well. As a result, they can express their anger on this installation instead of other people.
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Rose Petals of Remembrance

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by KWOK Yuk Tung


This work is about remembrance. Roses come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from white, pink, blue, orange, yellow and red to nearly black. I am going to put the rose petals with different colors together to make some pictures about memories or some historical moments.

I believed that everyone had some memories that cannot let go, and think about them in the nights that we cannot sleep. However, we all know that even we do not want to let go, but we had no choice. Flower is the same as memories. Natural flower is beautiful and everyone likes it, but also fragile and cannot stay long.
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by Wong Lai Sung


“The Pearl of the Orient,” is the nickname of Hong Kong, it is well known for its spectacular night-lights. However we seldom see any stars at the city center, one can only see is a brightly illuminated sky background. With a densely populated city, the outdoor lightings in Hong Kong are everywhere. These contributed to the serious light pollution in the city. All those lights wash out the night sky ruining the beauty of the cosmos for all. NASA satellite map shows a map of Hong Kong light pollution. It’s beautiful and powerful but worrying. The wasted electricity used to operate these lights contributes to global warming.
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Murder Meter

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By Wong Yat Wai


My project is about water pollution, and I hope it will arouse people’s awareness of water pollution.

Water is essential and necessary for most of the living things including humans, plants, and animals. Without water, living things cannot survive, especially living things under seas, lakes, and other water surfaces. More importantly, water must be clean enough for living things to survive. If water is not clean, living things may absorb the bacterial, or may be poisoned, infected and get sick, and then die. Besides, polluting water also
affects the environment, and affecting the environment also affects humans’ lives . In other words, there is a vital relationship between humans and water: NO CLEAN WATER, NO LIFE.
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Lift of Amazing Journey

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by CHAN Ka To


In Hong Kong, most of the people will use lift every day. You will use it when you go to work, go back home, go to shopping, or etc. It may spend a lot of time to use lift in your life. It is believed that it can be more interesting about the lift.

This idea is inspired when a people falling down into an abyss. It just likes a lift going down.
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Art Work for Elderlies

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by Mac Wing Tung

This project is named Elderly Smile. The main idea of this art work is to awaken the intension on elderly in the society. In the daily life of Hon Kong citizens, we always concentrate on our study or work. We always talks about future but not the past, talks about the next generation but not the elderlies. In fact, elderly is a group of helpless weaker. They were the one built our city, gave us a comfortable home. But when they lost the ability to contribute, we forgot them.

In this work, I will try to take photos for elderlies in Hong Kong. All the photos will be smiling face of elderlies. When I collect enough amounts of photos, I will put it together and form a Hong Kong Island map. As I mentioned, elderlies have gave a lots in order to build Hong Kong. They are the founding base of Hong Kong. This art work will be displaced in different shopping mall, public area and museum.

By making this art work, I want to raise a very important social issue, the welfare of elderlies. In Hong Kong, although elderlies over a fixed age can get subsidies from government every month, care and love for them are extremely lack.

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