Last Life

Last life (reminder)

Urban art, net, critical fusion, video games, locative

4th June 2008

An online game, a reality game to earn one’s living: whereas the metaverses persist in offering us colorful substitutes for the grey of our day-to-day life and video games offer us several lives corresponding to our capacity to reduce that of others, it seems to me urgent to remind ourselves that the real-time spent forging a 3-D life for ourselves is time not spent reconstructing ours in accordance with our dreams.

Reality Show applied to online video games

LAST LIFE! Enjoy it


If others prefer your reality to theirs, you are the winner!

Each person puts a web cam online, to film part of his or her life, his or her environment or the real world around.

A white model of the town constitutes the surface for putting up these frameworks of lives, situated in the three-dimensional space in a place equivalent to that occupied in real life.

The time others spend observing this window onto our life is the time in their lives they dedicate to ours. All these are points of interest to our benefit. The winner is not the one who scores the most points of interest but achieves the objective of visibility he has fixed for himself. You can, for example, bet that you will interest nobody and, even though you are present in the ‘public’ space, not be the object of any attention. The game can distinguish between participants and visitors. Visitors may only add points of attention.  Participants lose points according to the time they spend watching others rather than acting on reality to achieve their objective.

access the demo version of the game (better on Firefox) WWW.LASTLIFE.ORG

Last Life
Internet Reality Game

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