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by TONG Chung Nga


Technology has become a big part of our life nowadays.
Everyone is looking at the smart phone, iPad, computer or television.

The information seems come and goes more and more easily and quickly, the ways for us to explore the world is much richer and diversified. We can see thousands of movies with few buttons in iTunes, look at some street at the other side of the earth with few buttons in Google map or look at any art work or natural spectacle with typing few words in the search engine.
But in the other point of view, people actually restrict by technology to feel the art of life with their own sense.

How can a rectangle show the beauty of the sun set and with the sunshine lie on your face?
No matter how big a television is.
How can a rectangle show the beauty of the sea and the wind pass by.
No matter how high the revolution is.
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Show our ’80s life in a creative way

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the feeling i want to bring out in the exhibition

My inspiration comes from my cousin, a ’80s collector, Mrs. Zhu Yuxiang.
My cousin was born in the 80s , she always told me how her life was in the ’80s, she think that ’80s is a simple and full of human touch’s city. Many children playing in park happily, likes swings, slides. After playing, they usually go to snack shop buy food, or go to the toy shop. Also, I know Mrs Zhu Yuxiang for a long time, she inspired me a lot,I had saw some of her collection in the internet, those toys were famous in the ’90s and now they are classic! Therefore I have come up an idea about this project.
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Make A Fruit Light!

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by FUNG Hoi Ki


Concept: In daily life, everything seems to have a fixed image and made by a fixed materials such as paper should be made by wood and cup should be made by glasses. These concepts are fixed in people mind since they were born and people always think it is normal. However, I think these concepts should not be recognized that deservedly. Actually, we can change those materials creatively if the property of the other things is suitable for it. So, I am finding some way to put this idea into practice and this is an artwork from Caleb Charland. This is an art that combine Art and Science. Since in the fruit, there is some fruit acid which can conduct electricity, the fruits can replace battery to make the light lights up.

Method: To make a fruit light is very easy. First, divided the fruit into pieces and put a light bulb in the middle. For remainder, it is better to cut the fruit into semitransparent so that you can see the light later. Second, stab the galvanized nails and coppers into the fruits and connect them with the light bulb. Then, the fruit acid will have chemical action with the galvanization. Wait for some minutes, the light bulb will light up and the fruit light will be done. However, since the electricity that the fruit provided is very weak, if you want to take a photo and make the fruit light as bright as the photo above, you should have exposure for a few hours. According to this method, you can use fruit to replace batteries to conduct electricity for many things!


Pandora’s Box

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By LOK Pei Yu

In this artwork, I am going design a carton box that is placing many childhood memories. For example, the Gameboy in black and white is needless to say. As we all know, smart phone and Iphone are eroded our life. The little children are playing Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. However, those devices are updated too fast and too easy to get it. They just need to click a “DOWNLOAD” button in the Apps store, after that they can get whatever they want. What is the consequence? The children may not treasure the things they own.

Apart from the old devices, sticker photo also cannot be omitted. When we was a young teens, sticker photo is mostly every children favorite. Also, it was about $30-40 something. However, the newest devices were established. Those devices can make many effects for the photo we taken. No matter sticker photo, vintage photo or old photo, you just need a phone. Those make sticker photo expensive because the cast of running was increased by lack of customers. Through the sticker photo, I will use many sticker photos to be the wallpaper to fulfill the carton box outside.
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Colour of your hall life

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by CHOI Chi Fung

I’m hall resident, although I choose the double room, however most of times my room-mate was not in the room. She seldom back to hall, so I always feeling lonely in my room at night. As I just always stay at my room alone, with 3 white walls and 1 window. It is so boring!
So, I always imagine that the walls in my room could be the screens for me, let me watching the videos. Moreover, as nowadays smart phones are really common, we can use our phones for taking photos or video at any time. So, I do think that everyone could be an artist!

The main idea of my work is that I want to show photos as the wall paper of my room, (or actually anywhere that I want with white wall )especially the photos that I took by my phones which can let me memorizes my daily life or something that are meaningful to me .
The artwork is to make a diary with photos, you better take one photo everyday for you to memorizes every special moment of your hall life.
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by Rumi MOK Ho Yin

Speed of life

There always many problems in the city we lived in, some of them is more close to us which affect our daily life. Other issues especially recent political issue and environmental problems, are being ignored as citizens has seldom time to discover the detail of them. Citizens are usually busy for their own work for earning money.
This project is aim to raise their attention to do reflection on different categories.

The idea is to raise attention of people, what thing is also needed to be care about. It will be a series of installation and performance. Here are some ideas for it:
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The Sound of Nature

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by Frances Li Ka Ching

Have you ever take a rest and hear the surrounding voice from nature? We are busy all the time, indulging in the world of technology, listening to pop songs, we soon forget the fascinating sound from nature, which can release our stresses.

This is designed as an installation artwork. The main settings include an electronic board and pen, headphones, a list of nature patterns for reference. This artwork is designed to let people listen to the forgotten sound of nature, like winds, thunder, water flows.

How to run
People are required to put on the headphone and start drawing the picture related to nature by the electronic board and pen. People are suggested to draw according to the given nature patterns for better detection.

Things that the person draws will be detected by the computer and transform into the corresponding pre-recorded sound. For instance, when a person draw a thunder, sound of thunder will be played through the headphones.

The played sounds will be accumulated when the person keeps drawing. Soon, the picture will be turned into sympathy of nature, like, the combination of the sounds of raining, thunder, lightening and hurricane.

People can enjoy their finished work and realize how amazing it is that a drawing picture can be turned into another art form - sound.

So Human Lightsticks

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by WONG Po Yiu


They are a bunch of lightsticks of different color which people used to play on mid-autumn festival, they become luminant only after being twisted. Just like us human, we never know our true strengths until we face real challenges, as the saying goes ” we don’t know how strong we can be until we’re forced to. “. The more difficulties we face, the more our true colors show.


LEGO and the World

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by Nelson LEE Laam Cheun

Human is mainly made of 5 elements- Oxygen (Red LEGO) Carbon (Blue LEGO)
Hydrogen (Green LEGO) Nitrogen (Yellow LEGO) Calcium (White LEGO)
Our earth is mainly made of 5 elements too – Fire, Water, Forrest, Soil, Air
Humans are living in the earth, we are stick together. Earth provides different elements for our living. Fire provides fuels for cooking. Water and air are the main parts of their bodies. Forrest provides shelters. Also, soil provides land for growing plants. We cannot survive without the earth. However, we destroy it during the rapid society development. Civilization and industrialization creates much pollution. Recently, new types of virus appeared and also global warming is getting more serious. The earth is dying. The black LEGO represents it. I want to warn the people concerning the problem that we have now. We should stop our wrong behavior and save the world.
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Abusing Application

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by Liao Wen Hui

In recent years, Smartphone becomes more and more popular. Whether we travel on the MTR, take lectures in university, or shuttle in the streets, Smartphone is all rounded. Wherever we go, we can see people holding a Smartphone for playing games, snapping photos or just glancing at Facebook. Manufacturers continue to introduce a variety of applications to users. And the program for modifying photos is one of most prevalent applications.

People can modify photos in any places in anytime with those editing tools. Not only it can edit photos after shooting them immediately, but also it is easier than such software like Photoshop to use. It may be much user-friendly for people to add post effects to pictures. On the other hand, these applications may lead to aesthetic disaster for photography. Because of the established effects and automatic processing functions, people seldom give careful consideration, testing or practice. People only need to slightly adjust the color and brightness level if they want. They tend to rely on these applications when those come to easy obtain post-produced photos.

This artwork makes an irony to the phenomenon of overusing editing applications.
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