Where the brain workers convert human abstractions into commodities

— Brain Factory

Brain Factory

BRAIN FACTORY between REIFICATION vs SUBLIMATION Maurice Benayoun, Tobias Klein Brain Factory is an art experiment and an interactive installation. The public, becoming brain workers are invited to convert by thinking, human abstractions into objects, sculptures, commodities.

The Makers of Dematerialization: complementarity of the antagonisms Two trends seem to dominate the recent mutation of our cultural and industrial environment:
1- Materialization: to actualize the project, the concept or the model into an object by digitally printing, carving, laser cutting…
2- Dematerialization to convert a physical object, matter or action into data by digitization, scanning, modeling, quantifying, networking…

‘Reification’ one of the major aims of the human kind, to make all dreams realized just through the action of the mind, is probably the best term to describe and envision the Makers culture.
‘Sublimation’, in physic the mutation from solid to gas without going through the liquid state, is also a metaphor for the artistic process, going beyond the materiality of things to create the most “sublime” expression of reality. Sublimation couldn’t be more appropriate to express the strong wave of dematerialization that affects our daily life.

This « bipolar » movement which leads the biggest economic, industrial and aesthetic evolutions of our time, id giving rhythm to our experience of the contemporary world as Yin and Yang balance Eastern culture with that of the West. In philosophy, physics and psychology, 2 terms coin this bipolar movement: ‘Reification’ (from res = in Latin “the thing”: conversion of the abstract into a concrete object) and ‘Sublimation’: in physics, the process for a specific matter, when heated, to go straight from solid to gas without going through the liquid state.

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