Value of Values @ Tongyeong Triennale

Value of Values @ Tongyeong Triennale

Daniel Kapelian (International Commissioner / Curator / Art Director)

in KoreaTimes by Park Han-Sol

« The main exhibition, « Take Your Time, » will display the works of 35 artists and teams from 11 countries who take a meditative approach to art and, through immersive and sensory experience, contemplate the permanence, or impermanence, of what humans conceive as time.
« It’s an invitation to take a break, to take it easy, to press pause just for a moment in these very troubled times, » Daniel Kapelian, international commissioner and curator, said. « It is a call for contemplation, to elevate our minds and to reconnect with ourselves and nature through beauty, poetry and the spiritual powers of art. »
A six-story laboratory building located inside the abandoned ShinaSB shipyard will invite Justine Emard, Eliza McNitt, Davide Quayola, Maarten Baas and Lim Ok-sang, among others, whose works range from fine arts and crafts to digital art, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.
One of the highlights of the show will be Maurice Benayoun’s neuro-design art project, « Value of Values. » Viewers can design any shapes or forms virtually on the monitor through their brain waves, and even own the finished product in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). »

A translucent Threedee by Tobias Klein

Daniel Kapelian, the curator of the show, neuro designing a Value


TIME Twodee (from a private collection)

Daniel Kapelian, the curator of the show, neuro designing a Value

Daniel Kapelian, the curator of the show, neuro designing PEACE

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Next to Tobias Klein’s Threedee, the KNOWLEDGE Twodee by MoBen

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