an open art opera in 15+ parts, each part can be a statement

— The Mechanics of Emotions

The Mechanic of Emotions is an art opera in 15+ parts

each part can be a statement, an event, an installation, an object, a concert, a performance, a web site, a business…

the Mechanics of Emotions (M-E) try not to tell the story of the poetics, economics, dynamics, politics, traffics behind the scene

As a metaphoric organ, Internet plays the role of the World nervous system, the transmission system for all sensations, either positive or negative, pleasures or pains. Nevertheless, this entity is schizophrenic. Excluding or denying parts of its own body, forgetting to take into consideration continents, languages, communities, because they don’t respect to the world press (Media) code: English speaking net connected communities. The language, the location, and the technological level of development determine the accuracy of the Internet feedback of the planet. Internet is a highly filtered culturally oriented nervous system.

Activating the Mechanics of World Emotions is to evolve at the convergence of economics and politics. In the confusion, the dynamic forms of information turn solid and static to become exchange values, from the sacralised object to the artefact of daily consumption as an art effect.

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