Art Trap

videoprojection and Internet

In the main gallery of a contemporary art museum.
A big one…

A cubic room de 4 x 4 x 3m.No ceiling.

The top of the box is open.

This room is surrounded by 4 walls. In the middle of each wall : a door. At the beginning the door height is 1m80.

Each wall has hole in the middle with a video projector projecting all over the opposite wall inside the room. All the walls have an image projected.

The surface of the walls (4x 9m²) is sold by auction on the Internet. Any company or sponsor can pay to have their logo or name projected on the wall. The size and the duration of the property depends on the money paid. So the walls are covered by logos of different companies. This is the fusion of sponsorship and Artwork.

Half of the money goes to the museum and the other half goes to the artist.

Outside the room a plasma screen displays in real time the details of the artist’s bank account revealing the use of the money including any aspect of the daily survival process (eating, sleeping, having fun, taxes etc.).

When the price of the square meter of projected surface reaches a certain amount of money, the artist comes and, by using plaster, reduces the size of the doors in order to enlarge the surface for sale. So far that after a while the doors have become so tiny that nobody can get in and see the projected brands.

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