High-Speed Trading of Values @ etopia_

High-Speed Trading of Values, on Etopia_ Media façade, for the VoV, Value of values show in Zaragoza, Spain

Curators: Blanca Perez, Jean-Jacques Gay

Direction, Maurice Benayoun

A tribute to Jenny Holzer…

“High-Speed Trading of Values” on Etopia Center for Art and Technology Zaragoza Spain, Media Façade for the “VoV, Value of Values show”. The transactional poetry is automatically generated based on transactions of (VoV) NFTs. “Value of Values” is a Blockchain-based Art project. It combines neuro-design, 3D printing, Blockchain… And also ethics, philosophy, politics, poetry, and art… by Maurice Benayoun (AKA MoBen), Nicolás Mendoza, and Tobias Klein. more: www.vov.art


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