Computer Generated pigment prints: (0.60 m x 0.65 m)
Maurice Benayoun, Tobias Klein

Tashkent Biennial, Oct. 8-14 2018, Curator Shakhnoza Karimbabaeva, Bonum Factum,
Microwave Festival, Hong Kong, Curator Joel Kwong, Oct. 26 – Nov. 11 2019

The ABSTRACT SHOTS are some of the outcomes of the BRAIN FACTORY that gave the exhibition spectators in Paris, Seoul, Brisbane and Hong Kong the possibility to become “brain-workers”. Using no hands and no words, they gave a shape to human abstractions. Just by thinking[1], the brainworkers control in real time the evolution of an artificial living organism expected to take the shape of an abstract concept: Freedom, Desire, Consciousness, Power… During the process, the concepts eventually acquire color and form. From a brainworker to the next, the iterations refine the shape partially inherited from the predecessors. The result becomes more and more accurate. Far beyond allegories, human abstractions then become apparently undefined forms that reveal the most human way to understand and explain the world.

Initiated in 2016 by the artists Maurice Benayoun and Tobias Klein, The Brain Factory is a multi-layers project including interactive installations, reified abstractions becoming physical sculptures, appraisable forms becoming tokenized values[2]. Between the immateriality of the sublimated, thought or data, and physicality of reified abstractions, we can now figure out the shape of the world to come; the shape of our thoughts.

Biofeedback music: Jean-Baptist Barrière (for the interactive installation)
Engineering: Shaman, Wang Xiao (SCM CityU Hong Kong)

This research was supported by grant from the Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media (ACIM) of School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong

[1] Brain Factory uses EEG (electro-Encephalography) and BCI (brain Computer Interaction) to interpret the brain-workers’ mental reactions assessing the morphogenetic process. It actually uses a biofeedback to neuro-control the modeling of the abstraction.[2] VoV, Values of Values is a crypto-currency that reveals the Value of human Values minted by the brain-worker (project under development, coming end of 2018)

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