White Cube alpha 1-20 (The Age of Experience)

l’essence de l’art contemporain. 20 conceptual fragrances



α l p h α

exhibition The Age of Experience curated by Harald Kraemer, CMC Gallery, School of Creative Media City University, Hong Kong

Seeking the common denominator of all contemporary artworks, in spite of their spectacular diversity, the artist found that it should be the very perfume of the art gallery, freshly repainted, before the exhibition opening. White Cube is first an attempt to define the complexity and richness of this fragrance and its symbolic power.

Telling from the head note to the base note the story of an aesthetic addiction, WHITE CUBE alpha, 1 to 20, are the different stages of this discovery.

Each bottle, preserving one specific step of this quest, is offered with an original formula delivered to the collector for his/her exclusive use.

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